The freshest ingredients for the best experience.


Only 100% halal certified Australian beef. Our beef hot dogs are made with Nathan’s 100 year old secret spice recipe while our ground beef burgers have a distinctive smoky flavor cooked on our char-broilers.


To ensure quality and freshness, all our chicken are carefully selected and sourced from halal certified producers. Our fried chicken is always fresh and never frozen. Quality you can taste.


Our jumbo crinkle cut fries are made from premium Katahdin potatoes and without any artificial wax coatings that most other restaurants serve. It ensures that only the natural and very distinctive Katahdin creamy potato flavours comes through every bite.


Our breads are freshly made from local bakeries that are globally recognized for using premium ingredients.


In support of our local communities, whenever possible, we source our produce from local farmers. Our produce are delivered from the farm to the store to ensure only the freshest and crispest produce makes it into our sandwiches.


Using only freshly squeezed imported South African lemons that are free of preservatives and stabilizers, our good old fashioned lemonade is made daily at our stores.